Welcome to Living With ALoweHah

My name is Adam Lowe (ALowe). I like to make people laugh (Hah).

I am about to take the journey of a lifetime. A few years ago, I bought a van to travel the USA. My original intention was to meet my Facebook friends (of which I have over 300) face-to-face. Also, I was going to attempt stand up comedy (bucket list), whereever I could get on stage. I started a Tumblr blog, bought domains (fbf2f.com – ‘Facebook Face to Face” and lowedown.info). At the time, I was employed as a roadshow rep. This means I had a booth within Costco demonstrating portable solar solutions by Goal Zero. My plan, at that time, was to work my way around the USA performing, both on stage and within various Costcos around the country. Due to economic reasons, Goal Zero has not been present within Costco on the islands, so I have been unemployed for just over a year.

That said, my project has changed. Last Christmas, I was exposed to the ‘home-e-less’ by my adorable niece, Kate. While driving through her new neighborhood, she would call my attention to the various tents, blanket-covered shopping carts, and withering pets, and say in a very subdued voice, “Those are the home-e-less”. She said it with such apprehension, as if she were afraid they would hear her. Not for their embarrassment, but her perceived fear. Unfortunately, because she is so adorable, she HAS to be afraid. She doesn’t know that her uncle has been ‘home-e-less’, so I felt conflicted. I want her to know that homeless does not equate danger. A new project was born.

Homeless for the home-e-less

I am going to travel the USA, all 50 states to be exact. I am going to volunteer one week of time to various homeless shelters, food banks, clinics. etc and document the journey. I am effectively becoming homeless to feed the homeless. I will take pictures, tell stories, etc in a blog, YouTube channel, and podcast (‘Waking Up With ALoweHah’), as well as Skype sessions with Kate. I see the whole project as something like, “50-50-50” … 50 states, 50 weeks in a 50min documentary video.

At this point, I am using GoFundMe.com to raise the estimated amount to cover my travel costs around the USA … specifically, auto expenses, camping fees, and a slight per diem to help me exist.


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  1. neal hinson says:

    You go brouda!

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